Why should be Sinai the next point of your trip to Egypt?

Sinai Egypt

Much news about the Sinai has long delayed vacationers worldwide to visit the Sinai Peninsula in Egypt. The Sinai Peninsula offers one of the safest holiday areas in the region:

Sharm El Sheikh, here you will find all congresses of the Arab world as well as meetings with politicians worldwide.

Would these meetings take place here if this part of Egypt was uncertain? Definitely not!

Of course, there are unsafe areas in Sinai, but the resorts are not affected. If you take a look at the map of the Sinai Peninsula, you will see that the endangered zone is located in the north Sinai, which should be avoided by tourists, so do not go on your own!

I would like to enumerate here some points why you should absolutely visit the Sinai with its interesting destinations during your Egypt vacation!

One of the best known beach resorts in Egypt, Sinai is Sharm El Sheikh. Where is Sharm El Sheikh?

The Sinai Peninsula Map shows you the seaside resort of Sharm El Sheikh in the lowest point of the island. This attractive resort offers everything you need for a relaxing holiday. It is a popular place for Sinai Divers. From here start the most interesting Sinai tours:

Excursions Sinai Peninsula

If you have chosen Sharm El Sheikh as your holiday destination, so accompany us with a Sinai tour from Sharm el Sheikh! Don’t miss to visit the world-famous St. Catherine Monastery Sinai. Show what’s inside you! Enjoy a wonderful sunrise, after several hours of climbing for watching  the summit of Mount Sinai. The trip to Saint Catherine Monastery is a must during your holidays in Sinai Egypt.

Snorkeling tours

Around the coast of the Sinai, the most beautiful coral reefs invite you for a snorkel trip. A big number of hotel facilities have a house reef directly “in front of the door” so that you do not even have to go out by boat.

Dive Sites

Sinai dive sites have a concept for many professional divers. Here you can visit diving courses; the wonderful underwater world with a huge variety of fish is waiting for you! Wreck divers will get their money’s worth: visit dive sites like the famous wreck of the Thistlegorm, from the Sinai a “stone’s throw”.

You have never been to Jordan? Connect your visit from Egypt and Jordan!

Take the opportunity! Take advantage of the proximity of Egypt to Jordan for one of the Sinai excursions to Petra.

Egypt and Israel

Another first-class offer is the visit of Jerusalem for example: Sharm El Sheikh Excursion to Jerusalem. You realize, the Sinai offers you the possibility of a holiday that promises relaxation and culture at the same time.

Sinai Safari adventures

Take you to the culture of the Egyptian Bedouin.

You want more culture? Of course, you can take trips from Sinai to the most famous sights in Egypt such as: Egypt tours to Cairo, with the pyramids, Egyptian Museum and more, as well as to Luxor with its imposing temples and the Valley of the Kings, and ……… the Experience!!! Do you still have some days left during your vacation? Come on a Nile cruise! Explore Ancient Egypt from Luxor to Aswan in a pleasant way! From there we continue to Abu Simbel.

Just want to relax?

A stay in the seaside resorts in the Sinai Peninsula offers many possibilities:

The beach resorts with their first class hotels offer a varied nightlife. Cafes and discos are waiting for you. Modern shopping centers invite you to stroll. Chilling on sandy beaches, pampered with cocktails and a wide range of different national and international food, even that is a holiday on the Sinai!

A few more tips:

A note about the visa:

There is a free “Only Sinai” visa for direct entry (from overseas to Sharm airport) which is valid for 14 + 1 days. If your entry will be via Cairo, a visa which is usual for Egypt is necessary (currently $25). But beware! A trip outside the eastern island of Sinai requires a visa, so it is better to buy a visa directly.

Otherwise, for a holiday on the Sinai Peninsula take with you: light clothing in the summer, solid comfortable shoes for trips, flip-flops, swimwear, and sunscreen! Clothes for protect against wind and cold at winter evenings, and for excursions in the mountains.

We, Albaraa Tours wish a pleasant holiday with Sinai tours Egypt and,

P.S. Of course we also offer trips to the Sinai Peninsula from the well-known resorts of Hurghada, El Gouna, Safaga and Marsa Alam.


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