Things to take to Egypt in 2019

Here are some valuable tips for “packing a suitcase”

What did I take to Egypt?

You will take a tour to Egypt for the first time? We would like to help you with the following tips to make the right choice for your luggage. Here the list of the things to take to Egypt.

Depending on the season and destination different clothes are advised. Since it is pleasantly warm even in the winter months and it is only in Cairo or Alexandria a bit cooler and rarely expected to rain, we list following various types of clothing:

 November – March:

These are the winter months, which are pleasantly warm in the afternoon, but in the evening you need a jacket, a coffee, or a stay in the Nile valley of a jacket or a long sleeve sweat. So for this season is necessary “onion lock” advised. Take a trip that goes beyond the sunset, so in the midday sun at the beach resorts a short sleeve shirt is sufficient, but as soon as the sun goes down it is suddenly cooler and it is necessary to wear a jacket or cardigan. A body warmer is an ideal companion for this season. A light thin down jacket (packable in a bag) or a fleece shirt is light, welcome luggage. What shoes you can take to Egypt at this time of the season? Flip-flops for the beach, (there are also great for the evening), sports shoes – outdoor shoes or sandals for occasional trips.

April – May / September – October:

The ideal months to take day trips during your beach holiday in Egypt. The temperatures in these months are also the most suitable for a Nile cruise. The temperatures are warm, but the sun is not scorching hot. Here is a thin jacket to the summer luggage to protect against mild winds. And jeans the appropriate pants during a tour; and there are also great, stylish jeans for the evening! Flip Flops sandals outdoor shoes for occasional trips.

June – August:

These are the hottest months of Egypt. Ideal for sun worshipers! These months invite you to linger by the pool or beach. Relaxing is announced. All water sports help to cool off. Clothing: How about linen? The appropriate clothing for ladies and gentlemen during the hot summer days: For the lady: You are not a normal clothes lover? Here in Egypt, a knee-length dress is a welcome garment to this time of the year. Try it. Do you have no dresses? No problem. There are a variety of boutiques with a wide range of ladies dresses. Flip-Flops- Sandals- Lightweight Sports Shoes for Occasional Trips- Outdoor Sandals.

So this will depend on the season how much to take to Egypt for a week

For every season:

Very important: own medication if you need daily medicine. Egypt has a perfect supply of medicines, which are also very cheap to buy. However, it is advisable to take a supply of the necessary medicines for the first few days and to inform yourself about the stock of special medicines you are using before you leave. But Attention: You need one recipe from the doctor for the control at the airport!! And there are medications you can’t take to Egypt. For example anesthetic. Check with the Foreign office!

Take a big scarf with you on the journey. It offers shelter from wind and sun, clothes on the beach, is useful when visiting a mosque or church, to cover your shoulders and even while traveling by plane. Often the air conditioning is very cold.

  • Insect repellents (however, are also available in Egypt as a body spray, lotion or for the sockets).
  • Sunscreens: necessary at any time of the year and slightly more expensive in Egypt.
  • Sunglasses, sun hat
  • Bathing suits
  • Aqua shoes are important on some beaches, especially natural beaches
  • Toiletries: only necessary if you prefer special brands
  • Disinfectants and fresh towels: Egypt’s desert sand can be found everywhere. That’s why, helpful for refreshing on the way. (At rest areas there is not always available soap)

The best camera to take to Egypt: Choose one small digital camera what goes with you on every tour.

It is except on beaches and in bathing, places to dress inconspicuously in Egypt. A conservative, clothing is always appropriate. If you are planning a visit to a mosque or Christian church, please wear shoulder-covered and knee-covered clothing. As in Europe, hotels are recommended to visit restaurants, ladies and gentlemen, to wear covered clothing

Notice before traveling!

Currency to take to Egypt:

For the small attention in the hotel: it is better to carry some 1 Dollar, for example, because cash (1 Euro pieces) from the local banks are not accepted.

Notice what currency to take to Egypt 2019: Only 1000 Egyptian pounds and all currents above 10000 dollars have to registries before the flight.

Most of the questions what to take to Egypt when traveling:

Can I take alcohol to Egypt?

Adults can take 1l alcohol contains more than 22% alcohol / 2l with less than 22% alcohol/ or 4l wine without gas

Can I take cigarettes to Egypt?

Yes, 200 cigarettes or 250 gr. Tabaco, for more you have to pay taxes ( the prices in Egypt cheaper)

Here the things not to take to Egypt:

Anesthetic/weapons/import from drones/plants and seeds

The Egyptians are very hospitable people and you will be very welcomed if you respect the cultural habits of the country with respect. Every friendly gesture of a vacationer is reciprocated twice.

We wish you a wonderful stay in Egypt!


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