Valley of the Kings

Located in the west bank of the Nile. There are 62 tombs discovered, the last in 1922 for Tutankhamen, is the largest royal tomb in Egypt, considered one of the major tourist sites in Egypt. After that they found 3 graves, the last one is still unopened. Due to the size of the valley, one can conclude that there are still many graves to discover.

Valley of the Kings became a burial place under the eighteenth dynasty when Thebes itself will be the capital of united Egypt, contains the tombs of many pharaohs of the New Kingdom, their wives, their children and even nobles. Near the temple of Hatshepsut Was found most of the mummies hidden in a hole.

It seems that the priests have moved here during the troubles of the third intermediate period. The oldest tomb discovered in Valley of the Kings is that of Thutmose I, all Egyptian kings will be buried in the valley, except Akhenaten and the last known grave is that of Ramses XI . Unfortunately, no tomb was intact.

The largest tomb in Valley of the Kings is that of Ramses II and for his children, which contains not less than 150 burial chambers. Because the grandeur of the valley we can be concluded that there are still many graves to be discovered The royal sarcophagi were granite or quartzite, usually rectangular, but sometimes in the form of a cartouche.

As no royal burial has been found intact except Tutankhamen, no general account of the ritual objects which were required can be given. The interior walls were covered with finely sculptures scenes of daily life, among them we find the funerary ceremonies depicted for the first time.

The funeral processions to the cemetery with the coffin on a sled, bearers of the furniture and accessories. A stela is often found to be found carved on or let into the walls, but the old idea of falsedoor was now almost a thing of the past. The rock-cut tombs vary very greatly in plan.

There is often a transverse chamber with a central corridor leading to other chambers at the back. A very great variety of toilet objects is found in all well-furnished graves, tools and weapons, pottery and food is often found

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