TOP places in Cairo to visit: don’t miss them

Many of you have probably spent your vacation in Egypt a few times and wondered: should I visit Cairo? A clear YES from us! There are many reasons to visit Cairo in Egypt. With our Cairo tours, we offer a variety of interesting visitor attractions in Cairo.

Places in “Cairo must Visit”

Cairo is certainly worth a visit. Not only city travelers should include Cairo in their program, but Cairo is a cosmopolitan city with an overwhelming amount of cultural offerings that is fascinating for all ages. Even your youngest will tell enthusiastically at school: I have seen the pyramids “in real”. With our Cairo city tours, you will not miss any of the most important places in Cairo.

The Sphinx and the 3 world-famous Giza pyramids

May, of course not be missing on any holiday photo. Visit Cairo`s pyramids! It really is a difference to touch one of the wonders of the world, or just to be a listener to the admiring tales of former visitors. Surely everyone has ever followed the docs on television about the enigmatic construction of the pyramids and the mighty size of the Sphinx, but once standing there and discovering how tiny we humans are, that’s an experience you should have.

Egyptian Museum Cairo

Except for Cairo visit the pyramids, (one of the landmarks of Cairo), the Egyptian Museum is a must have of the Cairo sightseeing on our Cairo program. Here is not an unvaried visit to museums announced, here are among other things the grave finds of the excavations of Luxor shown. Really hard to imagine in which masterly performance the jewelry could be produced without mechanical aids. The exhibition of the Tutankhamen Sarcophaga and gold treasures will fascinate everyone, guaranteed!

Many have certainly visited the Valley of the Kings, wondering where the famous mummies are that were discovered there. Under the right room temperatures, which prevent decay, they are also stored here in the Museum of Cairo.

Citadel Cairo – Alabaster Mosque Cairo

A view from above of the huge dimensions of the metropolis, you can experience from the citadel. In the ruined citadel, the famous Alabaster Mosque (Mosque of Muhammad Ali) was built, which is another of Cairo’s phenomenal buildings. In the courtyard of the mosque is a clock, a counter present of the French king to Egypt in gratitude for an obelisk located in Paris.

Al Azhar Park

Relax in the nearby green? That is possible in the middle of Cairo. The inhabitants of Cairo spend their free day on Friday in the wonderful park with old trees, which is located near the citadel. Take the opportunity for a 360 degree shot of Cairo.

Khan Al Khalili

Egypt, Cairo Visit the mosques, the pyramids, the museum, this is just part of the capital. Cairo offers with its old town bazaar a detour into the oriental life of the Egyptians. Here you will be enveloped by the local spices, perfumes (the sun of Egypt provides the ideal conditions for the plants, the extraction of the essential oils, which are cultivated for the perfume production in the whole world) and the ancient craftsmanship of Egypt.

Visit Coptic Cairo

Once surrounded by the flair of the old town, worth a visit to Coptic Cairo. There you will find the oldest churches in Egypt, including the famous “Hanging Church” in which the holy masses are celebrated to this day.

Cairo on the Nile


Not to forget, Cairo, the capital of Egypt, lies on the Nile. Enjoy a walk along the Nile promenade and relax with refreshment in a Nile ship anchored there with your excellent restaurant offers.

You prefer Romantic in the evening? Here you have the opportunity to take a cruise on the Nile, including dinner and belly dance show, while the view from the Nile to the illuminated city will captivate you.

Memphis & Sakkara Trip

Wondering which season is the best time to travel? Visit Cairo in March, or April, the spring months are ideal for a city trip such as our offer: Visit Cairo 3 Day Tour. The temperatures allow a comfortable trip from Cairo to Memphis to visit the excavations of the former capital of Egypt with the stepped pyramid in Sakkara.

Visit Cairo during Ramadan

Would you like to experience from firsthand the coexistence of the Muslim inhabitants of Cairo? Visit Cairo in the month of Ramadan. What is different here, ask yourself? Daily life is a bit slower. During the month of fasting, the shops open later, the lively life begins in the evening, and! Discover with surprise the long-set tables in the alleys, inviting everyone to break their fast, the Iftar at sunset. An experience; the anonymity of the metropolis is transformed into a huge community.

Alternative: visit Cairo in December. During Christmas in Egypt: a real alternative for holidays in the cold. With us you can visit Cairo from Sharm El Sheikh; also you can visit Cairo from Hurghada and from all other well-known seaside resorts in Egypt, or visit Cairo directly from your hometown.

With all the landmarks of Cairo mentioned, it is very important to visit them outside of mass tourism in a private atmosphere. We offer this with the private tours of Albaraa Travel. And you can be sure: With Albaraa travel tours, it is safe to visit Cairo, Egypt.




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