Top 3 Things To Do In Dahab
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Dahab is one of the most beautiful tourist friendly places in Egypt. Its rich culture, pristine beaches, and exciting desert safaris will surely make you consider staying longer. This city was actually once a Bedouin fishing village which has transformed into a tourist city over the years. Dahab is located on the southeastern coast of the infamous Sinai Peninsula. It’s located about 80 km Northeast of another well-known tourist destination in Egypt, Sharm El Sheikh. Lately, it’s been attracting a lot of digital nomads because of the low cost of living and laid back atmosphere. Dahab is best known as a must see destination for any amateur or professional diver who wants to have the experience of a lifetime. So what are the top three things to do in Dahab?


 The Islands dive site in Dahab is a must see site if you ever plan to visit. Even if you don’t like diving, just visiting the St Catherine’s Monastery is more than worth the trip. The dive site itself seems like something out of a fairy tail. It consists of a coral maze which is easily accessible from the shore. Because of its depth, roughly five to ten meters, it is considered a novice site that anyone can come and enjoy. It consists of three large peaks which have merged together over time. This has formed a maze of beautiful lagoons and valleys that are full of exotic coral and hundreds of different reef fish species. This is one of the few dive sites in the world which will always have something exciting to offer. Years ago, there was an earthquake that destroyed sections of the reef and created various holes and crevices that have added new habitat for the coral to expand and grow.


If you like adventure then you will love this suggestion. Safari’s in Dahab are unique because of the different things you can do. You can ride 4 x 4 Wheeler, camels, motorcycles, go dune surfing, snorkeling or even camping. These safaris are great for anyone who is traveling alone, with friends or even families. One of the most amazing and relaxing things you can do in Dahab is probably the camping excursions.

You will be taken just deep enough into the Egyptian desert where you will be able to see the milky way without even using a telescope. Apart from camping out in the desert, you can find excursions that will include any of the activities that I mentioned above along with the trip. So if you enjoy camping and extreme sports this option would probably be best for you.

The Blue Hole

 The Blue Hole is widely regarded as the number one tourist attraction in Dahab. Thousands of people from all over the world visit Dahab just to see this jaw dropping sinkhole. Some people have estimated that the Blue Hole is over 130 m Deep. These depths are only for experienced divers though so if you are not trained its best to stick close to the surface. Luckily, there is plenty to see close to the surface, you don’t even need heavy equipment to see some amazing creatures that live in this sinkhole.

The variety of fish will leave you breathless as you admire their vibrant colors. You can find species such as Clownfish, Wrasse, Sea anemones, Grouper and Angel fish to name a few. This is a perfect spot for snorkeling because of the calm water which is as clear as glass and boasts a temperate climate. Because of its world renowned status, the area surrounding the Blue Hole is full of great restaurants, modern supermarkets, and accommodations that can fit into any budget. If you want to explore a city of coral unlike any other you have ever seen then The Blue Hole just might be your dream destination. The affordable accommodation also makes it one of the cheapest trip options you can find in Egypt or any other country that has pristine waters like these.

Bonus: Traditional Bedouin Hostel

 If you don’t want to stay in one particular place while you are in Dahab and you want to experiment with different options then you should try this. Staying at a traditional Bedouin hostel is a unique cultural experience that you do not want to miss out on if you are ever in the area. The Bedouin people have their own customs when it comes to daily life. The Bedouins who live in Dahab are known for their hospitality and good nature. They are very kind people who are more than willing to take you out to the desert for a traditional meal. You might also have the chance to experience firsthand their unique cultural practices like poetry, music, dancing, desert camping and even camel riding.

It’s always nice to break away from day to day life to experience a different culture and learn from it. A late night dinner in the desert is one of the most romantic things a couple could ever experience because of the beauty all around you. The Bedouins don’t usually carry lights with them, they use candles so you can always see the stars as clearly as possible. You are also allowed to bring your own liquor so you are more than welcome to bring a bottle of wine to set the mood.

The tourism in Dahab and Egypt as a whole has been steadily declining because of false news and rumors that have made this country seem more unstable and dangerous than it actually is. The tourists that are still coming are enjoying some of the cheapest prices and exceptional service that they have ever seen. Even Egyptians enjoy coming to this place for vacations because of these advantages. Don’t miss out on the chance to visit this beautiful city, plan your trip ahead of time and be ready to have one of the most memorable travel experiences you will have in your life.

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