Temples of Egypt: places which will touch your soul

The Egyptian temples: places that touch our soul

Take the opportunity to visit the famous temples on your holiday in Egypt.

The various temples built either for the coronation of the pharaohs, adoration of the gods or as mortuary temples will captivate every visitor.

Visiting the different temples you will feel the different meaning inside.

Awe in Egypt’s temple

The Luxor Temple is probably the world’s most important and famous temple in which the coronation of the Pharaohs was completed. Walking through the temples, with its various courtyards and obelisks, we can feel the splendor as well as the power emanating from the various rulers. Talked about power, it is a symbol of power

Power in Egypt’s temple

Abu Simbel Temple: This two-temple complex is designed to demonstrate power in ancient Egypt. Here on the border between Egypt and Nubia, Ramses II had the temples built for himself and his favorite wife Nefertari to impart his power to the ruler of neighboring Nubia. Before entering the temples you will be fascinated by this impression. Four giant statues direct a threatening view of the neighboring country.

Fascination in Egypt’s temple

But it comes even more impressive: Accompany us to the interior of the temple and meet there on the holy of holies of Abu Simbel, the 4 statues of Ptah, Amun-Re, Ramses II and Re-Harachte, which once a year of that in a special Angle incident sunlight be illuminated.

An experience when you visit Abu Simbel at this time. A truly rare and evoked by an unlikely part of the builder’s experience!

Believe in Egypt’s temple

The belief in gods and their perfection in ancient Egypt are reflected in the Karnak Temple. This huge temple complex with its famous portico captivates people from all over the world. Do you feel like the size of an ant when you look up in the columns? The more than 20 m high columns, once carried the wooden roof of the temple. And how did you make the edification only at the time of the edification? This without machines: only with human power? One of the famous temples of the complex is that of Amun Ra.

God worship in Egypt’s temple

Here one finds oneself the environment of the God-worship at the time of the old Egyptians again and can understand inside the Karnak temple how the Egyptians believed, which was given by offerings to the gods, the Pharaohs the respective power. The hieroglyphics on the columns and walls allow us to share in the ancient history and tradition.

Splendor in Egypt’s temple

The two temples of Luxor and Karnak used to be connected by a magnificent avenue lined with sphinxes and were used for processions. Today, this alley is slowly being restored by excavation, and as you look from the Luxor Temple towards Karnak, it is easy to put yourself back in time in the ancient days of the Pharaohs, who were carried by a litter through the avenue.

Veneration of the dead in Egypt’s temple

One of the most famous mortuary temples (was considered a place of worship of the pharaoh) is that of Hatshepsut, the only female ruler of Egypt. Follow us up the terraced steps to the actual temple. As you ascend, you will see in what great position and position Hatshepsut, who ruled over her Egyptian people for more than 20 years, had chosen her tomb.

Majestic appearance in Egypt’s temple

When you arrive at the top of Hatshepsut temple, you notice on the walls the wonderful murals that tell about the story of Hatshepsut. Her son, who was denied access to the throne by the reign of his mother for a long time, had some remorse destroyed to the only pharaoh of Egypt.

Astrology in Egypt’s temple

If one or the other is more or less convinced of the influence of astrology, everyone will be impressed by the astrological drawings in the Dendera Temple. The drawings in the Dendera Temple are probably the oldest representation of the sky. Here, the mutual relationship between heaven and earth in ancient Egypt in a wonderful way.


Join us on our tours of the temples of Egypt and let yourself be mesmerized by the different radiations that each temple has.


Each temple has a different story: and all will touch your soul!


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