Solo female traveling to Egypt. What to know and how to don’t worry about

What you have to know about the safety of women travel alone to Egypt! Can a woman travel to Egypt alone? No fear! What do you have to pay attention to!

Single ladies do not always have it easy, even if you know the rules of conduct, it always comes back to new surprises, but this does not say anything that you do not on a trip for two, whether it is accompanied by a woman or a man, can experience. Sometimes for a woman traveling in Egypt, especially in tourist centers such in Hurghada, as a woman with a self-confident appearance, easier to walk alone through the streets like a couple, because there is already suspected the tourist. Behind a self-confident woman walking alone in the streets and not just strolling around, is a woman who is familiar with the customs of the country, probably even lives in Egypt and therefore is not addressed so quickly.

Shopping Hurghada- Luxor: Tips for Female Solo Travel

Of course, you will encounter every tourist center such as for example in Luxor or Hurghada these about the obtrusive street vendors (one should, however, be concerned about the bad economic situation for a long time and still in Egypt, everyone is trying to feed his family). This is not just for solo travel in Egypt. Be self-confident, enter the shops with a friendly Salam Aleykum and see if there is something interesting for you. And honestly, the more self-confident, but friendly you appear; the more you are accepted by the seller. A clear, No thanks – No thank you – Shokran is enough to leave a store of things that have never been done.

Many stores now have fixed prices in their stores (mostly posted outside). Here the goods are excellent and the bargaining what many Europeans do not lie falls away. But if you do not want to give up acting, look in a bazaar or souq in the old town, where bargaining is still in vogue. Egypt is well-known for its excellent spices and perfumes. Do your best: -))


Excursions Egypt for woman travel alone to egypt: organize your vacation from home!

The business also includes the sale of excursions; here you should not get involved in street sales. Before you travel, take a look at the various excursion options, Albaraa Travel offers the possibility to organize your solo travel tours Egypt from home online. If you want to explore the country from one of the beach resorts in Egypt and you are here for the first time, please only under organized guidance. Take a look at our excursion program, we have offers for everyone. Once, if you know the country’s habits, there is no problem as female travel in egypt alone.

However: Hurghada and Luxor, as well as other tourist centers, are not the “normal” Egypt. This does not only apply to Egypt because everyone knows that in tourist centers of other countries also does not play the “normal life”.

Solo female travel egypt on visit in an Egyptian village: women’s travel clothes for egypt:

If you are travel in Egypt as a woman alone to a village as a guest is called, appropriate clothing is appropriate. You are in a Muslim country, tops and shorts are inappropriate. Better: women’s travel clothes for egypt: Long trousers, best for hot months, long loose linen trousers and a shoulder top are the most appropriate travel clothes. This also applies to a visit to a mosque!

Do not be surprised if you are patterned in the village especially with blond hair of adults and children. You will be accompanied by friendly, curious, but also negative looks; in addition, there is a misconception of women traveling alone, since it is not common in Muslim countries that a woman travels unaccompanied. Do not worry; some inhabitants in remote villages have not had direct contact with tourists. If you are friends with one of the families in the village, give the village community some time, and you will notice how quickly you will be welcomed. Enjoy the hospitality and do not miss the chance to taste real Egyptian cuisine!

Security Egypt: for female travel to egypt

Another tip for all travelers, not only for female solo traveler: valuables, papers, money always short and secure worn on the body or if possible under lock in the hotel leave. This especially is true for city travelers. Hotels Egypt: The hotels in the resorts of Egypt are set up for women traveling alone. In each prestigious hotel, the staff has the instruction to behave friendly but reserved. Should something be misunderstood, there is a guest service in the hotels, please inform them.

City Tours Egypt for a female solo traveler

Should you choose a Cairo city break during your beach holiday, you can travel by local bus companies which use European-standard buses (but only for experienced solo woman traveler). In Cairo, the same precautions apply as in all major cities around the World, only stay in streets frequented by many people and avoid remote corners.

Interested in culture? Cairo offers a great number of attractions, such as the Egyptian Museum Cairo, the pyramids, many mosques, the old town with the famous bazaar Khan el Khalili and Coptic churches. Travel with our organized privately owned Egypt excursions (if you like to travel alone), as well as with our group outings.

Large shopping centers with all the well-known brands such as the Cairo Festival City Mall Shops invite you for shopping. Do not forget your visa card! The selection is tempting!

Nile cruise Egypt for female solo travelers

Another tip for a woman traveling to egypt: A Nile cruise is the best way to get to know the beauty and culture of Egypt on your own. Accompanied if desired, do not hesitate to meet friends of the country, cultural exchange in a pleasant way. Egypt is waiting!

Dream destination Europe!

Many Egyptians dream of Europe. This is based on the idea of ​​freedom and democracy that you envision from the European countries. Narratives and TV programs do the rest. If you know the country a bit longer and know about the living conditions of many of the more than 90 million inhabitants, you may get a little of understanding for these thoughts. Meanwhile, the gap between rich and poor is widening in Egypt and every destitute is dreaming of the wealth of Europe.

Does not show everyone that you just pull the money just out of the “wall”, (especially since the euro stood for a while in a 1:20 exchange rate), then it is already obvious that a woman traveling alone is regarded as a rich European.

The Egyptians are very hospitable and very helpful people. Don’t be afraid to ask for help if you need!

And as I said confidently occur, but to whom do I say that? Without certain self-confidence, one does not travel normally alone.

We wish you will have a nice stay in Egypt! Don’t feel shy to ask us, our agents will help to fix any questions you may have. 

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