Is Egypt safe to travel in 2019?

One of the most common questions we have been getting about Egypt over the last few years has been, is it safe to travel around Egypt? After the Egyptian crisis (2011-2014), many people from all over the world have been hesitant to come and visit this beautiful country. In terms of specific areas, the only real high-risk area is on the North tip of the Sinai Peninsula. This area has had a few untimely militant attacks a few years ago and should be avoided if you are traveling in Egypt. Other than that, the rest of Egypt is considered completely safe and you should take advantage of the current price of the dollar in the country. You could potentially have one of the best trips you have ever had in your life and be sure you haven´t ask yourself, is it safe to travel to Egypt from USA? Most people seem to think this country’s full of Islamic extremists who are looking to harm every tourist they see. This couldn’t be any further from the truth and I want to share my personal experience here in Egypt with you so you can get a sense of what life here is really like. All about: safe travel in Egypt 2019

My name is Michael, and I am an English teacher/writer from Colombia. I arrived in Egypt in November 2016 with the intent to only stay for about three months. Fast forward 8 months later and I couldn’t be any happier here. I am currently living in Alexandria and I have no clue when I will return to my home country. The biggest surprise for me here has been how welcoming and friendly the locals have been throughout my stay. I noticed that I am safe to travel to Egypt. I have been living with a very good Egyptian friend of mine who has been showing me the ropes since I got here. He has helped me understand how much of an impact religion and culture has on society In Egypt and this is something that I have seen for myself. As a Catholic, I thought I might be treated a bit differently because I am not Muslim. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised. During these last eight months, I have been treated just like any other Egyptian, If not better. I have been invited to so many family meals and outings that I lost count after my first few months here.

It feels like all the Egyptians I meet are more than happy to show me how they live and what their culture is about. I have had the opportunity to do quite a bit of traveling too. As of right now, I have been to Cairo, and I know what you think, is it safe to travel to Egypt pyramids? Yes, it is! Alexandria (I currently live here), Dahab, Sharm El Sheikh and a few other small towns near Alexandria. In about two weeks, I will take a trip to Hurghada and Aswan, so I will be sure to fill you guys in on how that trip goes as well. After visiting these places, I came to the realization that I honestly felt safer here than I did back home. In Egypt, I have never felt like I was going to be robbed or assaulted, whereas in Colombia you have to be very aware of your surroundings at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I love my country, but I thought it was very interesting that I felt this way after hearing and reading all the false rumors that have been going around about this country. I expected to have some kind of dangerous experience here but everything has been great so far, and i decide that´s safe to travel alone in Egypt. As I approach the one-year mark, there is only one thing I have found a bit dangerous here, and that has been crossing the streets. It’s actually kind of funny if you think about it. Here I am thinking about all the negative things I have heard about this country being dangerous and the only real danger is the cars and motorcycles that always seem to be in a hurry. I can’t imagine my grandmother trying to cross one of these streets; it would probably take her a couple of hours if she’s lucky. Here, maybe you can ask yourself, is Egypt a safe travel destination? Nevertheless, if you are someone who is confident and a quick learner you should have no trouble with this either. Actually, I didn’t have much trouble adjusting to the traffic here because there are a lot of streets in Colombia that are pretty much the same.

There are other experiences that I have had in Egypt that have shown me how goodhearted the people here are as a whole. Just like any other country on the planet, if you walk around enough you will eventually see people arguing on the street. In most of the other countries, I have been to, whenever you see people arguing a fight usually ensues soon after, not here though. Whenever you see people arguing in Egypt you shouldn’t expect it to last very long. This is due to the fact that whenever there is some kind of conflict people rush over to help and try to calm the people involved down. I think this may be the main reason why I feel so safe in Egypt. I feel like if anything were to happen all I would have to do is start screaming or calling for help and instantly a mob of people would run over to see what they can do to help. This is one of the points about why it is safe travel to Egypt.

Don’t let the rumors about Egypt stop you from coming to visit this unique country. There is so much to see here I would hate it if you missed out on the opportunity. The history here is amazing, the people are wonderful and the Eco-Tourism is starting to become more and more popular. This first post is only the beginning of what is to come for all of you who are interested in coming here. In the next few weeks, I will be talking about the best places to visit in the cities I have been to. And I am sure you never will ask yourself again, is it safe to travel in Egypt today? I will also include pictures I have taken myself so you can see the beauty Egypt has to offer firsthand. So stays tuned for our next blog post, and remember, Egypt is safe! I wish you safe travel in Egypt 2019!

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