Hatshepsut temple

Hatshepsut was the fifth pharaoh of the eighteenth dynasty of Ancient Egypt. She was successful in warfare early in her reign but generally is considered to be a pharaoh who inaugurated a long peaceful era. She re-established trading relationships lost during a foreign occupation and brought great wealth to Egypt.

Hatshepsut assumed the position of pharaoh and the length of her reign usually is given as twenty-two years, Following the tradition of many pharaohs, the masterpiece of Hatshepsut’s building projects was her mortuary temple.

Located on the West bank of the Nile near the temple of Karnak and Luxor. Also known as Deir El Bahri, designed by an architect named Senemout.

This funerary temple is unique in Egypt with a very modern design, and part of the temple is carved in stone of the mountain.

This temple is dedicated to the goddess Hathor, the latter even has a chapel in the temple, and Hathor pylons are still prepared. The temple has three terraces, connected by ramps.

Inside you can admire the courtyard, the chapel and the sanctuary, lit by the sun. The reliefs of the temple depict the story of the divine birth of Hatshepsut and the Commercial land of Punt.

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